“Design was not enough for me, I wanted to learn more. Perfection requires knowledge, practice and most importantly, attention to detail! It is ALL in the detail.”

The driving force behind BijouQ is founder Mohamed Kerdi’s relentless pursuit of knowledge. Kerdi discovered his passion for design 25 years ago working as a bespoke tailor in his own atelier, In 2006 he began studying at the International Gemological Institute and realized his true calling: jewelry. After years of running a company that produced jewelry for brands around the world, kerdi noticed a void in the market for affordably priced yet exceptionally high-quality jewelry. He launched his brand BijouQ in 2017 to fill this void and has never looked back.

Kerdi’s vision has always been to create a brand that is known for its quality. To him, the name of his brand needed to display that. “Bijou” inspired by the French “Jewel” and the “Q” for “Quality” was the ideal fit. BijouQ was the perfect name for what I wanted to represent in my brand… a small elegant and highly prized piece of delicate workmanship.”

Kerdi realized that BijouQ needed to become a family business as the brand grew. He posed the idea to his two Older daughters Who jumped at the opportunity, Marah and Batool, both in their twenties have implemented new marketing strategies and introduced innovative design ideas that have helped the brand flourish into what it is today.

Marah took over BijouQ’s marketing and brand exposure while Batcol took the role of a creative director. The two work seamlessly together to expand the brand beyond local markets while still respecting and maintaining the brand’s DNA. BijouQ has expanded into 3 different countries around the world and has no intention of slowing down.